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True Faces Revealed 14-20 Jul

"You want to meet me so bad, little creature?" the Wizard asked.

"That’s what I was promised," Tug replied.

"You may be a deceiver, little monster," the Wizard said. "But I am not. A horn for my appearance, that was the bargain. Then I shall reveal myself." The room filled with dark smoke and then when the smoke disappeared the Wizard stood before us.

I admit it. I was expecting a human. I was expecting an old man with a long white beard in fancy robes and a pointy hat. What we got was not a man at all. There were no robes or hat. And there was no beard. What appeared before most resembled a seahorse, but it had tentacles like an octopus. “Now, monster, it is your turn to reveal yourself.”

I turned to Tug. “What is he talking about?”

But it was the Wizard who responded, “Do you really think I cannot sense the Orb of Lies?”

Tug tore off his armor revealing a crystal hang around his neck, that seemed to be constantly changing its shape and color. “You mean this?”

"The Guardians from the Wall must be very angry at you for taking it from them," the Wizard said. "I’m sure they’ll want their revenge."

"Is that why you took us to the Wall?" I demanded of him. "You almost got us killed so you could steal that?"

Tug laughed. “Yes, human. You are a fool. You have been used and now I have everything I wanted right before me, laid out like a picnic.”

"You went through all of this just to ambush the Wizard?"

Tug laughed again. “Like that wouldn’t be reason enough? But there were other fruits, like the Seal of M’lthak, that was what first attracted me to you. Such yummy power. And then I found out you were human. A key to the otherworld. Who wouldn’t want that?”

"I would never allow you that, monster," Lu Wu said. "The passages to my home are closed."

"Except for to you," Tug replied, "Is that it?"

"I am the gatekeeper," Lu said.

"And I shall kick open the gates."

"Enough!" the Wizard said. "It is time you revealed yourself!"

Tug ripped the chain from his neck. “It is well past time, Wizard.” And then the little furry creature began to grow. His jaw began to stretch. His teeth got bigger. His hair disappeared. His hands sprouted claws that grew into massive daggers. A second pair of arms appeared from out of his shoulder blades. Horns bloomed from his head. A thorn covered tail lashed out from behind. Tug, the furry little creature, was no longer furry or little. In his place was a vicious looking monster with a malevolent looking grin.

He no longer resembled a teddy bear at all.

to be continued next week

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The Sharkwoman’s Broken Heart 7-13 Jul

"Explain what things?" I asked, unable to hide my irritation.

"Like why you walked so awkwardly in heels," Lu replied."Why you held yourself so much like a man. Why you were so focused on Zlodeyskiygrad. Why it took you so long to return my flirtations."

"I didn’t return your flirtations," I told him.

He smiled at me and winked. “Ok.”

The Sharkwoman stepped forward and pushed Lu hard causing him to stumble. “You were flirting with him? What about me? Did you forget me?”

"Shayu…" Lu began.

"No! You really weren’t looking for me, were you?" She started to change. I could see her teeth turning sharp. Her eyes turned black and her skin started to turn grey and she started to grow. I took a few steps back. Did she somehow figure out how to change within the Chamber or was this her secret soul morphing? Was what I was seeing was the Sharkwoman’s heart breaking?

"No, Shayu," Lu admitted. "I was on a mission. I was hurt. I was eaten by a Derlov. No, I was not thinking about you. I’m sorry."

The Sharkwoman, now in the form of a massive shark, swam away. Lu Wu started toward her, but Tug stepped in front of him. “Well, that was fun,” Tug said. “Now, perhaps we should get on with things.”

"Yes," came the Wizard’s voice. "Perhaps we should."


"The Great Lu Wu," the voice replied. "Once again you come when you are not invited."

"I invited him," I said. "He was the one that brought me here."

"Of course, he did. How else?" the voice laughed. "Did you bring the horn?"

The shadoweater held the horn up. “We brought it.”

"You slayed the Tarrgair?"

"Maybe," Lu said.

"Or maybe it still yet lives.""A problem for another day," the Wizard said.

"Yes," Werz replied. "Now we should deal with today’s problem’s. Give us what we were promised."

"The Shadoweater, so quick to be free of his shadows. Very well." The walking table emerged with a green fruit on its top. "Eat this."

Werz picked up the fruit and began eating. Three bites in, he began to scream as pools of darkness began to drip off of him. Lu and I stepped back as the ground became covered in liquid shadow. Then it suddenly all ignited like it was all made of flash paper. Then it was gone and Werz dropped to the ground. “Now, who is next,” the voice said. “Perhaps it is time we send the humans home?”

"No," Tug said stepping forward. "It’s my turn, Wizard. It’s time you revealed yourself. It’s time we met face to face."

to be continued next week

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Return to the Chamber of the Secret Soul 30 Jun-6 Jul

And with a snap from Tug, we were standing outside the Wizard’s cave. Lu Wu was taken aback. “That was quite a feat. Sending all of us here, so close, so soon after fighting a gigantic monster.”

"It was nothing," Tug said. "It is just what I do."

I looked up at the Wizard’s castle, out across the chasm, down at the rickety bridge. It felt like a while since we had been here. “After you,” Tug said to Lu.

Lu Wu glared back. There seemed to be some animosity between them. I tried to break the tension. “How’d you find us, Lu?” I asked. “It’s not like you could’ve asked for directions or anything. How’d you even know where to look?”

"I just followed the Seal of M’lthak. That’s why I gave it to you before I fell because I knew I could locate it no matter where it was. I’m just sorry it took so long to find you," he paused and turned to the Sharkwoman who was still pouting, "and you, as well, Shayu. But you all seemed to bounce around quite a bit. One second you’re here, the next you’re somewhere else."

"You can thank Tug for that."

Lu Wu turned to the little furry creature. “Yes, he does seem quite hard to pin down.”

Tug smiled. “We mustn’t keep the Wizard waiting.”

"No, we shouldn’t," Werz said, stepping past the rest of us to the rickety bridge. I followed after him. I didn’t know about the rest of them, but I for one wanted to go home about as much I gathered as Werz wanted to be cured of his condition.

Lu Wu followed after me then the Sharkwoman and finally Tug, entering the castle in the same order ready to finish our deal with the Wizard. As we walked through the cave-like passageway, I noticed Lu Wu began to change. His tattered clothes began to mend and grow. Suddenly, he was skinnier and taller. He even looked wiser. He was dressed in a long cape and a red blousy shirt with rings on his fingers. He was very much the image of a great sorcerer.

Then it made sense to me. We had reentered the Chamber of the Secret Soul. I looked at Werz and he had returned to his more noble, less shadow-corrupted appearance. I looked at the Sharkwoman and was surprised that she had not taken on her full shark form as she had last time. Instead, she looked like a beautiful, fully human Asian woman. Tug, as last time somehow, remained unchanged. And what about me? Was I back to my original body?

"What happened to you?" Lu Wu exclaimed.

"This is the Chamber of the Secret Soul," I explained. "It shows us who we are in our deepest part of our soul."

"And in the deepest part of your soul you are a man?"

I sighed. I guessed my cover was blown. “I’m actually Frank Clay. I was working undercover for the US government when you brought us here.”

"You’re that man whose body changes every couple of days?" Lu asked.

"Yes. I hope you will keep my secret."

"I thought you were propaganda made up by your government."

I shook my head. “No. I’m very real.”

"Well," Lu said with a smile, "that explains some things."

to be continued next week

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Lu Wu Regurgitated 23-29 Jun

The Sharkwoman gasped. “Wu?” She instantly began changing into her most human form. She swam to him before she was done changing, trying to hug him with hands that had yet to take shape. She almost knocked him over, not caring one bit that he was covered in whale slime.

"Lu Wu?" I said. "Is that really you?"

"Fran," he said, trying to dislodge himself from the Sharkwoman. "I’m so glad to see you’re alive."

"YOU’re glad?" I laughed. "Last time I saw you, you were being eaten by…well that thing." I gestured to the whale. "How are you even alive?"

"I told you," the Sharkwoman said still holding tight to Lu. "He is a powerful magician."

"It was not difficult," Wu said. "I simply hid in a healing cocoon within the whale’s stomach. It was nothing. If anything, I was worried about you."

"About HER?" the Sharkwoman snarled, pushing away from Wu. "What about ME?"

"Shayu!" he called after her. "Don’t be that way! I could not have worried about you, I did not know you were involved!"

The Sharkwoman had grown regaining some of her shark features. “You could have come for me.”

"I didn’t have time. I was eaten by a whale."

"I don’t think she needs to hear any of your excuses," Tug said stepping inbetween them.

Lu Wu glared at him, angrily. “Who are you?”

"I am someone who has been looking after her while you were off looking for another woman. Come on, Gruesser. We don’t need him."

Lu Wu reached down to grab Tug’s arm. “I don’t know who you think you are, but I’ve been trapped in a stomach for who knows how long.”

"And we have been chased by monsters," Tug rebutted. "And we still have a quest to finish."

"Yes," the Sharkwoman said. "Our quest."

"What quest?" Lu asked.

"To get the horn of the Tarrgair Beast," I said.

Lu was stunned. “What? Why would you do that? That’s insane!”

"Because that was the Wizard’s payment to get me home."

"You don’t need to pay the Wizard anything. I can get us home." Then Lu added, "With a little recuperation."

"He’s already healed me," the Sharkwoman said.

"And we don’t want to renege on the Wizard," Tug said. "That can be dangerous.’

"That is true. We don’t want to anger the Wizard," Lu reluctantly admitted. "Fine, then, let’s go retrieve the horn."

"You mean, this?" Werz held an object in his hand the approximate size and shape of a banana.

"You should give that to me," Tug said, reaching for the horn. "It can be dangerous in the wrong hands."

Werz stepped back. “That’s why I’ll be holding on to it.”

Tug sneered, angrily. “If that’s what you want, shadoweater. Hold it. What do I care? I guess we better on our way then, shouldn’t we?”

to be continued next week

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Whaled in the Head 16-22 Jun

No, not our way. It wasn’t heading toward us. It was heading for the Beast. Right at it. And the Beast didn’t see it!

But the foot was coming down and I had to run. Only…the sharkwoman was still on the ground. I couldn’t just leave her. I had to save her! I rushed to her, but the foot was coming down too quickly. I wasn’t going to be able to make it in time, but I had to try!

Then I heard a loud smack and I looked up. The foot wasn’t coming down anymore. It was…it was going up! No, not up. Back. The whole Beast was falling backward! How? How could that even be possible?

The ground shook violently with the Beast’s impact. It cracked open beneath us. We went tumbling from the force of the fall. When I picked myself up, Tug had appeared. He was heading right toward the Sharkwoman. “Hey!” I yelled to him. “Where have you been?”

"Looking for the two of you," he replied. "Plus running for my life. If you didn’t notice there was a giant after us."

"And now you appear?"

"Are you suggesting something? You going to ask the shadoweater the same thing?"

I shook my head. “Where is Werz anyway?”

"Last I saw, he was with you."

"We got separated."

"Mm-hmm," he replied vaguely before walking over to the Sharkwoman,

She growled at him, “I’m fine,” and rose into the air. “I think we still have a quest to complete.”

The Sharkwoman swam away and Tug leapt after her. I, however, had to climb onto the Beast the slow way, with my own bare hands. Though the Beast’s arms had been hairy, its legs were scaly. The scales provided pretty convenient footholds.

When I reached the top, I ran off to catch up with the others. I worried every step that the creature would wake up and swat me away. It took me a while to trek up the thigh and to get around the hip, but by the time I reached the chest I could see the Sharkwoman and Tug. They were just standing there, looking at something. I strained my eyes to see what was ahead, as I rushed to catch up. There was some kind of gray object over the Beast’s face. It was still too far to see what it was, but I had a guess at what it could be.

It was the whale. It had flown straight into the Beast’s face and knocked it out. Why would it do such a thing? That made no sense. I thought the whale was dead, that it had sacrificed itself, but then it began to move. It’s mouth began to open!

There was something inside it’s mouth! A person! Someone was coming out of the whales mouth!

to be continued next week

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The Tarrgair Beast Attacks 9-15 June

I thought they were done for, but I saw the Sharkwoman squeak out of the Beast’s fist at the last second. Twice more the Beast tried to get them and squeeze them, but it just couldn’t catch them. Frustrated, the Beast clapped two of its hands together sending a shockwave through the air that struck us all like a hammer in the back.

I went flipping through the air and began to plummet as the enchantment was broken. I managed to stretch out my arms to slow down enough to roll as I hit the ground and avoid any serious injuries. I looked around and I couldn’t find Werz anywhere, but I did see the Sharkwoman not too far away. She wasn’t moving.

I ran to her. By the time I reached her, she had started to stir. Before I could see how she was the Beast took another thunderous step. “Where are the others?” she asked, trying to get up.

"I don’t know." I looked up at the Beast that was looming over us. "How can we beat that thing?"

"We just need its horn."

"And how are we going to get that?"

"We shall take it!"

I looked up toward the giant as great boulders continued to fall off of it. “Ok,” I said. “Good luck with that.” The Beast raised its giant foot. “Move!” I yelled trying to help the Sharkwoman, but she was too heavy in her full shark form. 

She started to swim and I grabbed a hold of her as the Beast’s foot came down. It missed us by inches, but the force of the impact sent us flying. I lost my grip of her and as we crashed to the ground I went bouncing away. When I stopped I was thirty feet away. I tried to get up, maybe we could get away, but the beast’s foot was already raised for the next stomp. I looked up at the monstrous foot, but, beyond the foot, past the giant Beast, I saw what could have only been a whale flying our way.

to be continued next week

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The Tarrgair Beast Awakens 2-8 Jun

"Woken it?" I asked, looking upward toward the peak still very far away. "And we can feel that all the way down here?"

"Apparently so.""I supposed our rest time is over," Werz said rising to his feet.

"We’re going to catch up to them, are we?"

"The Beast has awoken. What else is there to do?"

"You mean besides run away?"

"You would abandon our companions?" Werz asked, aghast.

"You mean like they abandoned us?" I replied, before adding, "No. I wouldn’t."

"Then we must go, quickly," he said before another quake from the mountain. We tried to continue up but the mountain would not stop shaking.

"What could be causing this?" I asked.

"They must be fighting."

"If their fighting is causing this, then we’re probably already too late."

"We must press on!" Werz said as you tried to keep climbing.

I did my best to follow, but the mountain wasn’t cooperating. Then there was something that sounded like an explosion off to my left. I turned my head and saw a massive landslide. But the rocks falling lost my interest when I saw an enormous furry hand emerge from the mountain.  “Uh, just how big is this beast anyway?”

And then another hand smashed from beneath the mountain! I glanced behind me and saw that there were two on the other side too! And the mountain wasn’t done shaking. But I saw it was no quake, it was Beast breaking out. “We need to get off this mountain,” I said.

"Our comrades…"

"Our comrades, if they’re smart, will be doing the exact same thing." And without waiting any longer, I jumped off.

I spread my arms and was greatly relieved when the weatherwing cloth caught and I began to float. I looked back at the sound of a massive rockslide and saw that Werz had joined me. The two of us were now soaring away from the mountain. I feared for the Sharkwoman and Tug as the mountain continued to crumble. But that fear was quickly replaced by a greater fear, by a fear of what was beneath the mountain, of what was emerging from it.

The four massive arms swung angrily pushing the devastated mountain away clearing the way for the creature’s face and its many teeth and eyes. I couldn’t believe the size of the thing! From the Groklok to the Miboaq, I had seen monstrous creatures, but this one was so much larger. I shuddered in fear at its great size.

And then it stood up.

As it rose, the mountain fell away. It was nearly double the size of the mountain. We were floating about as high as its knee. I saw the Sharkwoman in full giant shark mode, swimming away above us with Tug hanging onto her fin. They were moving much faster than us, but the Beast reached out with its hand erasing, any distance gained, and simply engulfed them.

to be continued next week

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Tarrgair Mountain 26 May-1 Jun

We still had a way to walk, but there was no sign of life between us and the mountain which I wasn’t sure was a good sign or a bad one. But when we finally reached the mountain, I realized just how much more we had to climb. The others didn’t hesitate to start to climb and neither did I, but when we were less than a quarter of the way up I was unable to keep going. “I need a break,” I said. “I need to rest.”

Tug glared angrily at me and the Sharkwoman looked annoyed. Werz, however, said, “We might as well stop. We’re not going to make it to the peak without stopping anyway. Might as well do it now.”

"Speak for yourself," the Sharkwoman said. "I could easily make it without a stop."

"Me too," Tug said

"Then go," Werz said. "Go without us"

"Fine. Stay behind, Shadoweater. We’ll do the work. If you catch up in time, we’ll even let you reap some of the rewards. Come on, Gruesser," Tug said, moving on. After a few seconds, he paused when he noticed the Sharkwoman wasn’t following. "Are you coming?"

The Sharkwoman looked at me. She almost looked concerned, but she eventually turned away and joined Tug, leaving us behind.”You can go on ahead, too,” I told Werz. “I can catch up.”

The Shadoweater shook his head. “I need the rest, too. It’s foolish to face such a beast as the Tarrgair when you’re not at full health.”

"You know about the beast?" I asked.

"I know some. I know he is mighty. I know he is strong. I know he is to be feared. I know very few have seen him and lived."

"Do you know anything else about it? Like anything about its horn?" I asked.

"I know the horn is supposed to hold great power," Werz replied. "I know that it is said that were someone to have the horn they would have enough power to reshape the universe."

"That’s a lot of power."

Werz shrugged. “It may not be true. There are many things this is said of, very few of them are true..”

"But some are?"


"So then is this something we want to be giving the Wizard?" I asked.

"You think we have reason to fear him?" Werz said.

"I don’t know him. They say the Wizard is wise and kind."

"Is he?"

Werz shrugged. “I know he can cure me and if doing this gets that done, then so be it.”

"You’d doom your world just to be cured?" I asked.

"You need to go home and the Gruesser needs her mate. Are these not worth the risk?"

"I don’t know. There has to be another way to get…" I closed my mouth as the mountain began to shake. "What is that?"

Werz looked up toward the mountain peak. “I fear they have awoken the beast.”

to be continued next week

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The Sharkwoman Vs The Purtek 19-25

And that was when the Sharkwoman appeared snatching the creature by the neck just as it began to lunge. “Move it already!” she growled.

"Thank you!" I said.

She glared at me. “Get moving! I can’t hold this stupid thing forever!”

And so I did as she said and I got moving, but as I reached the top I looked back down and I could she was having difficulty. “Go!” Werz commanded from right beneath me.

I jumped onto the ledge where Tug was waiting for us. “What took you so long?” he asked.

Werz joined us at the top of the falls, but I looked down and the Purtek had begun to wrap itself around the Sharkwoman and she couldn’t escape.The Sharkwoman began to change into her massive shark form, but the Purtek held firm. If anything its grip got tighter. “She’s in trouble!” I exclaimed. “We have to save her!”

"Save her?" Werz asked. "How? Going down there will just put us at risk too."

"If you won’t, then I will," I told him.

"What you can you do?" Werz replied. "You don’t have a weapon."

"I have to try!"

But as I was getting ready to leap down, hoping I didn’t miss and fall to my doom, Tug ran in front of me and jumped from the ledge, landing on the Sharkwoman’s massive form, quickly stabilizing himself as she thrashed against the strangling monster. I worried what he could do when the Sharkwoman had been so ineffectual. She was so big and he was so small, but then Tug opened his mouth and bit the Purtek’s head off!

As the creature died, Tug leapt back up to the top of the falls where we waited. When he landed, he spat out the creature’s head. The Purtek’s body sagged and began to unravel. When its grip got loose enough, the Sharkwoman swam free. “Are you all right?” Tug asked the Sharkwoman as she joined us atop the waterfall.

The Sharkwoman moved away from him. “I’m fine.”

It was strange. Tug seemed to be paying the Sharkwoman special attention. I realize now he had been all along. Why was that? Could Tug be in love with her? Could that be possible? The little teddy bear and the giant shark? This was a very strange dimension.

"Let’s just get moving," the Sharkwoman said.

"Where to next?" I asked.

"Up there," Tug said, pointing toward a mountain on the horizon. "That’s where we’re heading."

"Let me guess, it’s covered with man-eating goats that breath fire?"

"No," Tug replied. "No goats. Whatever ‘goats’ are, we don’t have to worry about them. On that mountain, there’s only one thing we have to worry about."

"And what’s that?" I asked.

"The Tarrgair Beast. Because that is Tarrgair Mountain."

to be continued next week

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Monster Infested Waterfalls 12-18 May

I jumped into the water until I reached the falls. I found a purchase on the rock face and began to climb. The water was beating down on me, but I made sure not to look up. Just focus on the task at hand, one rock, then the next one, then the next.

Things seemed to be going pretty well. I didn’t dare look to see how far I had to go, but we were moving upwards at a steady pace. I was beginning to feel optimistic, that we might actually do this when, suddenly something jumped out from the falls and snapped at me! I pulled my hand back quickly as something that looked like a cross between a crow and a piranha shot out of the water. I slipped on the wet rock and only kept from falling by holding tight to the handhold I had with my other hand! I tried to find a foothold while another piranhacrow jumped out at me. “Narroots!” Werz yelled. “And they look hungry!”

"How are we supposed to climb with these things snapping at us?" I asked as I swatted away another Naroot.

"We may not be able to," Werz said.

"Then how are we supposed to get up? These clothes the Wizard gave us don’t fly, do they?" I asked.

"No, but the Wizard also gave us this." He pulled out a length of cord and held it out.

"How are you going to fasten that to the top?"

Werz threw the cord with a snap of his wrist and one end went flying. He threw it hard, but there was no way it was going to reach the top. And it didn’t! But it didn’t fall back down either. The end of the rope just hung in the air as if it were glued there! With another snap, Werz let go of the rope and it went stiff as a board. “Jump!”

"It’s not attached to anything!" I yelled back.

"Just jump!"

I looked at the dangling rope, but the Narroots continued to snap and I was only holding on by my finger tips. So…I leapt! I grabbed hold of the rope and was greatly surprised and relieved when it held. I began to climb happy to not have water pouring down on me. When I passed him, I saw with trepidation Werz reach over and grab ahold of the rope. I was amazed it held him as well.

We kept climbing and were more than halfway up when the rope began to shake. “What’s that?”

"Uh-oh," Werz said, "It might be waking up."

"What’s waking up?" I asked.

"The Purtek."

"The what?"

"The thing we’re climbing!"

"You mean the rope?"


"The rope is waking up? The rope is alive?"

"It’s a Purtek!" Werz shouted. "And it’s waking up from its dormant state!"


"Just climb!"

I climbed as fast as I could and the rope end of the rope began to curl up. It rose until it was even with me and I could see its open mouth! The Purtek lunged at me, quick as a bullet! I tried to dodge it, but I was hanging from a rope which was the creature’s body. It slammed into my side. Fortunately, the Wizard’s clothes kept it from ripping out my kidney, but the impact sent me spinning. “We’ve got to move!” Werz yelled.

"Where? Back to the waterfall where there are piranhabirds waiting to eat us?" I asked as I spun. But the Purtek’s mouth was turned back toward me now and I wondered if dropping back down to the water was that bad of an idea.

to be continued next week

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