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Maqesh’s Last Stand 22-28 Sep

Maqesh waved his hand and Lu went flying backwards. Maqesh grabbed the sword’s handle and slowly pulled it out, grimacing all the way. He stared at the clean blade. “Cute.” He then raised, his arm ready to throw the sword when it suddenly exploded.

"Was that cute, too?" Lu asked.

I attacked Maqesh with my pipe, but he easily waved me off. Still, my attack managed to give Lu enough time to freeze him solid, but Maqesh quickly melted through it.

The two magicians locked up, both glowing with magical energy. Their glow became so bright I had to turn away. There was an explosion and they were thrown apart. Lu slammed into a far wall and collapsed. Maqesh went tumbling in the other direction. He started to get up and I attacked him with my pipe. Maqesh waved his hand at me. It was not a strong push, only enough to tip me over.”No, human,” he said. “I am not yet finished.”

I could see the Sharkwoman creeping up behind him. Her head was changing, transforming. Her hair was pulling back into her scalp. I could see her skin getting greyer, her eyes turning black. I could see her mouth grow, her teeth get sharp.Her dorsal fin pushed out of her back. She had reversed her usual transformation! Her body was still human but her head was that of a shark!

The Sharkwoman stepped up behind the rising Maqesh, bit down, and tore his head off. She spit his head onto the ground and it rolled several feet away. I moved toward it and was startled when its eyes moved to look at me. Maqesh’s body remained unmoving, partially upright, in midst of standing up. It didn’t flop over, lifeless. I expected it to begin moving. “Step away from it,” Lu said, picking himself up.

I glanced at the head. It snarled at me. I stepped back. Lu, with his seal in hand, walked up to the still moving head. “I told you, you would not win, Maqesh. I told you we would defeat you.” He pressed the seal against Maqesh’s forehead as the disembodied head tried to bite him. “Go back to the darkness, demon! Begone!” The head lit up like a jack-o-lantern and it suddenly burst into flames. The flames went away in a puff of smoke leaving behind only dust.

to be continued next week

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Lu Wu Vs Maqesh 15-21 Sep

The horn began to move toward him. I was too far away to intercept it, but I picked up a piece of shrapnel from the ground and threw it. Maqesh raised his hand and the piece of shrapnel stopped in midair. “Really?” he laughed. “You think that’s going to stop me?”

I thought I was in grave trouble until I realized that the horn had stopped in midair too. I picked up another piece of shrapnel and threw it. Then another. And another. Maqesh stopped them all easily enough, but the horn was getting any closer to him either. Then while I was looking for something else to throw, he sent them back to me. I dove out of the way.

Then the Sharkwoman’s necklace with Lu’s Seal that hung around Maqesh’s neck began to glow. The seal began to hover and then it began to tug on the necklace. Maqesh reached for it, but the necklace snapped first. The seal flew like a shot toward Lu which he caught with ease. The Horn dropped to the ground. “I think this will stop you, Maqesh,” Lu said, as he began to glow with the power of his Seal.

Maqesh dove for the fallen horn, but Lu waved his hands and the villain was frozen in midair. “Not a chance,” Lu told him.

Maqesh glared at him. “You think I’m so easily beaten, sorcerer? I am not bested just yet.” Lightning began to strike from his chest. It started with a single strike but soon it was like rainstorm of electricity. Then suddenly the electricity branched out covering the ground around him. We all felt the shock.

Maqesh fell to the ground freed from Lu’s spell. He jumped to his feet and his arms extended, wrapping themselves around Lu. I picked up a piece of pipe and ran to help Lu, but Maqesh beathed fire at me and I had to back away. Lu suddenly shrank until he blinked out of existence and Maqesh’s elongated arms went limp. He began searching the carnage for Lu. I tried to move forward, but Maqesh lashed out at me keeping me away. “Where are you, Sorcerer? Show yourself!”

Lu appeared behind Maqesh with a sword in his hand. He buried it into the villain’s back. Maqesh looked down at the blade sticking out of his chest and slowly turned around. He smiled. “Oh, there you are.”

to be continued next week

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Lu’s Dark Forecast 8-14 Sep

With Maqesh momentarily gone, the Sharkwoman ran to the unconscious and temporarily unguarded Lu Wu. She cradled him in her arms. His eyes slowly opened. “Shayu? Wha…what are you doing here?

"I came to rescue you, my love."

"You shouldn’t have done that," he said.

"We had to," I told him. "We had to save you and we had to save the Earth."

"But we can’t win."

"Of course, we can win."

"But look at this destruction and death." Lu gestured at the carnage and mayhem around us.

"Which is why we must put an end to it."

"How can we do what an army cannot?"

"You can’t give up, Lu. We can stop him. We can win."

Explosions rang up from down below. “What was that?”

"Tilly," I told him. "Maqesh is chasing her."

Lu looked confused “Who’s Tilly?”

Oops. I had forgotten that we had been undercover. “You know her as Lina.”

"Your daughter?"


"You’re letting your daughter fight Maqesh?"

"It’s complicated."

"Complicated? How is it complicated?"

"Let’s just say I know she can handle herself."

The ground shook beneath us. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” he said.

"That’s because you don’t know Tilly."

"And you don’t know Maqesh. Nothing can stop him now."

"Tilly’s got the horn," I told him.

"The horn?"

"She took it from him."

"He’s going to kill her to get it back."

"He’s going to try."

Tilly popped out of the ground. “I’d move,” she yelled.

"How did she…?" Lu started to ask.

"Seriously, he’s right behind me."

The Sharkwoman grabbed Lu in her arms and carried him off, following behind Tilly. I ran after them as quickly as I could. We barely got away before the ground erupted beneath us. Maqesh rose from the smoking hole, looking angrier than ever. “Come here, little girl, before I crush you!”

"You will not touch her," Lu said, trying to make the Sharkwoman put him down.

Maqesh laughed. “What will you do to stop me?”

"Whatever I can. Whatever I have to. That horn us too powerful for you, Maqesh. You will never touch it again."

Maqesh waved his hand and Lu and the Sharkwoman were both knocked to the ground.

"Stay away from them!" I yelled.

"And for you." Maqesh squeezed his hand shut and I suddenly felt like I was being attacked by little lightning strikes all over my body.

"Stop it!" Tilly yelled pointing her arm at him, activating he weapon system, and firing her laser at him.

He exhaled. “Finally.” The laser beam stopped in midair and then retreated back up Tilly’s arm causing an explosion that spun her around. The horn went flying into the air. Maqesh reached out and the horn stopped. “No more games. I’ve already played too long. With this horn, I can change everything! With just a thought, I can reshape the world and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”

to be continued next week

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Maqesh the Dragonslayer 1-7 Sep

But when the flame stopped, Maqesh was still standing there. “Nice attempt. But maybe they’d like to give it a second try?”

"Attack!" the General yelled and the two beasts by his side began to run forward. The large dragon dove toward Maqesh, its talons extended. But by the time the dragon swooped down, Maqesh was no longer there. Like a bullet, he had shot forward toward the rounder dragon. The round dragon opened its mouth to breath fire, but Maqesh squeezed its mouth shut. The fire had nowhere to go. The poor creature exploded.

He then reached out and grabbed the long dragon and began to swing him around by his head. After three times around, its neck snapped in half.

By this time, the final dragon had had time to turn around. It dove on him and slammed him to the ground, trapping Maqesh beneath its claws. Maqesh laughed as if he was having a fun time. The dragon let out an angry roar as it pressed its full weight down upon him. Maqesh laid his hands on the dragon’s foot and the creature jumped back as if the evil sorcerer were a hot stove.The skin on the dragon’s foot began to boil. The dragon shook its hurt paw and skin fell off. The dragon fell to the ground as the pox began to spread up its leg. It groaned in agonized pain. Maqesh smiled victoriously.

Maqesh turned to the General. “What else do you have, human?” The General stood with his mouth agape. “That was it? That was all you had? That was your best?” Maqesh snorted. “That was the best you could do? Is there nothing in this human world that can stop me?”

As if waiting for a cue, Tilly appeared. With two quick steps, she leapt at Maqesh’s back, but then the sorcerer turned around. He raised his hand, but he became quickly confused as Tilly continued flying toward him and then passing right through him. “How did you…? I couldn’t grab you.” And then he let out a unsure laughter. “An illusion. I didn’t know humans were capable of such feats.”

Tilly’s laugh was much more confident. “Can an illusion steal this?” She held up the Horn of Tarrgair. “This yours?”

Maqesh glanced down and patted his clothing. “How did you…?” Maqesh’s eyes glowed red. “Give that back or I will kill you!”

"Bring it on, Ugly!" Tilly taunted.

Maqesh waited no longer to throw powerful enchantments at her. Tilly dropped beneath the ground. The ground erupted. Maqesh flew down through it in pursuit of Tilly. “I will murder you, human! I will tear you apart with my bare hands!”

to be continued next week

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Zlodeyskiy’s Dragons 25-31 Aug

"If I don’t kill him first," the Sharkwoman said before jumping into battle.

"You always attract the sweetest girls, Frank," Tilly said.

"Maqesh!" the Sharkwoman screamed. "Get away from Lu!"

Maqesh rotated in the air until he was looking right at her. “Gruesser?’ he laughed. “Aw, how sweet, you came after your love? Well, that was awfully dumb of you.” Maqesh’s hands lit up with magical energy.

I had to move quick or he’d fry the Sharkwoman alive. She didn’t have enough experience with legs to be able to escape him. I ran out the other side. “Maqesh!” I yelled, waving my arms.

"And the human," Maqesh said with glee. "You’re all here, ready to die together."

"We’re not going to be the ones dying."

Maqesh broke out in laughter. “You are just too much, human! Too much! Perhaps, I should keep you alive to amuse me when I’m feeling bored.”

"You’re not going to win, Maqesh."

"And who’s going to stop me? You?"

"No," General Zlodeyskiy said, stepping out of his palace. "I will."

"And who is this?" Maqesh asked. "Another of your friends?"

"I am the ruler of this land!" Zlodeyskiy yelled. "I will defend it from all foreign powers! None will take my power from me!"

"And what power do you have, little human? I have defeated your soldiers, slain your monsters, destroyed your flying machines. What else do you have?"

"I have Dragons!" The gates behind him opened and a pair of dragons came running out. One was short and fat and had tiny wings and breathing problem. The other was incredibly long and moved like a snake, swinging its body back and forth. It also seemed to have difficulty lifting its head.

"These are your dragons?" Maqesh asked.

"I also have one more." He pointed up and we all looked just in time to see the creature fly in. The first thing I noticed was its huge bat wings. Each one was the size of a bus. With each flap, it was like being caught in a hurricane. It roared, letting out a loud screech. The other two dragons answered in their own  way. Even after all I had seen in that other dimension, I was floored. THIS was a DRAGON. A real live dragon!

"That’s a little better," Maqesh said. "But is he more than just a pretty face?"

"Dragons!" Zlodeyskiy shouted. "Crush!"

Fire flew from the dragons mouth. Maqesh raised his hands to stop it, but the flames got past his defenses consuming him completely.

to be continued next week

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Tilly Gets Caught Up 18-24 Aug

"Wu!" the Sharkwoman screamed and began to run toward his unconscious body. I grabbed her and she became unbalanced and fell to the ground.

"Are you crazy?" I said. "If you go in there, you’ll be killed!"

"I have to save him!" she growled back.

"We will." I helped her to her feet. "But how about we find a way that involves neither of you dying?"

"You’d better think of it quickly. Because it looks like your warriors won’t last much longer."

I could see the truth in her words. Zlodeyskiy was running out of men. The beasts were dead. The helicopters and planes were all grounded. The sharkwoman sniffed the air. “Someone…”

And that’s when I felt a hand come down on my shoulder. I spun around expecting the worst, but I wasn’t prepared for who I saw. The Sharkwoman pounced before either of us could speak.

"Get off of her!" I said, grabbing the Sharkwoman. "She’s a friend."

The Sharkwoman sneered. “Are you sure?”

"I’m positive."

Reluctantly, the Sharkwoman stood up. “Good thing you got her off me,” the girl said from the ground. “Or I would’ve had to do it myself.”

"Tilly," I warned, as I helped her to her feet. "Don’t start."

"She started it," Mathilda replied. "I was just going to end it."

"Go ahead and try it, meat!" the sharkwoman said, baring her still very pointy teeth.

"All right, ladies. Let’s calm down. We’ve got a real problem to deal."

"Like where the hell have you been?" Tilly asked. "I kept waiting to be caught up in your explosion. How have you managed to hold it together?" Tilly checked her scanner. "Only 32%. How is that possible? You’ve been gone for 4 days!"

"Four days?" I had lost track of time in that strange world, but there was no way I had spent four days there."I was in another dimension. Time must not flow at the same speed there."

"You went to another dimension without me?" Tilly pouted."I’ve been stuck here by myself, pretending to be sweet and innocent, bored out of my mind."

"Being bored isn’t so bad," I assured her.

Tilly looked over my shoulder at the carnage. “Yeah. I can see that. What the hell is going on, Frank?”

"That is Maqesh and he is evil."

Tilly nodded. “I got that.”

"He stole a magic horn and a magic pendant and came here to conquer the Earth."


"Just think of them as power sources," I told her. "We need to get them away from him."

"And we need to save Lu Wu," the sharkwoman added.

"The Chinese Ambassador?" Tilly asked.

"The great sorcerer!"


I nodded. “It’s a long story.”

"Ok, so we need to save the great sorcerer from the Evil Maqesh by taking away his magic horn and pendant?"

"That about sums it up."

"Sure. Why not?" Tilly said. "How about this, you provide a distraction while I sneak up from behind and snatch ‘em away?"

I looked at Maqesh at the bodies laid about him. There were only a few Dracs left standing. “Sure,” I said. “I think we can do that.”

to be continued next week

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Maqesh Vs Ramstov 11-17 Aug

In an instant, we were somewhere new. Bodies lay strewn about us. I recognized them before I recognized where we were. They were the Dracs. There was no question about it. That meant we were back in Ramstov, which meant we were back on Earth! I had returned back to the room Lu had taken me from! I was back where it all began, but now I had to deal with Maqesh.

The Sharkwoman looked at the scattered bodies. “These are not human, but there is a human taste to their blood. Did Maqesh do this?”

"I think Maqesh killed them, but he didn’t create them. The owner of this house did."

She nodded. “And where are they?”

I looked up. There was a hole in the ceiling leading all the way to the surface. “He went up there.”

The Sharkwoman grabbed me. “Then let’s go!” The Sharkwoman started waving her arms and wiggling her hips. It took me a second to realize she was trying to swim up the hole.

"You can’t do that in this world," I told her.

The Sharkwoman glared at me, then glared up at the hole. “Then how are we going to get up?”

There was a hole in the wall where the door used to be. “I guess we’re going to have to use the elevator.”

"The What?"

We walked into the next room . The cages were all empty. I wondered what had happened to those poor monstrosities.I started to run, but the Sharkwoman fell, trying to keep up. “Legs are just dumb.”

I nodded. “Maybe you should just stay down here.”

The Sharkwoman growled at me. “I came here to fight, human!”

"Then you better get used to using those dumb legs quickly."

I led her down the pathway to the elevator. She was agitated to be stuck in such a small room, apparently doing nothing. She was then shocked to find out that we had been “magically” transported to a new floor. We could hear explosions off in the distance. I didn’t know the way to go, so we followed the sounds of fighting. We could tell we were getting closer because of all the screaming.

As I opened the door to the courtyard, I was aghast at what I saw. There were body parts strewn about everywhere! This was where all those poor creatures from the sub basements had gone and most of them were dead now. They were piled atop all the dead humans and Dracs. There was carnage everywhere. If it wasn’t covered in blood, it was on fire.

And in the center was Maqesh with a fallen Wu at his feet, laughing triumphantly.

The Ramstovians fought with everything they could. Tanks and planes, bombs and guns, Dracs and mutated beasts, but it was nothing to him. Maqesh burned them and froze them, tossed them and squished them, crushed them and ripped them apart. It seemed like he couldn’t be stopped.

to be continued next week

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The Sharkwoman Steps Up 4-10 Aug

"Nooooo!" the Sharkwoman screamed.

"Where did they go?" I asked.

"I’m sorry," the Wizard said, turning away from me.

"Sorry?" I asked. "Why? Where did they go?"

"They have left this plane of existence."

"Left this plane…? You don’t mean…?"

"Yes. Maqesh has entered your world and with the Horn and the Seal, I don’t know if there’s anything humanity can do to stop him."

"We have to go after him!"

"I cannot. Your world is not a realm that I can survive in."

I didn’t like that answer, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not. “Then just send me.”

"You will not defeat him on your own."

"What choice do I have?"

The Sharkwoman swam over. “I will go, too.”

"You don’t know what you’re asking, Gruesser," the Wizard said. "The human world was not made for people like you and I."

"I do not care. My love is in trouble. I will go anywhere, do anything to save him."

"The air will not support you there. You will not be able to swim upon it."

"So what?" She began to change. Her shark form began to shrink as she turned to her mermaid-like form. She had shrunk to her smallest most human form.

"That is not good enough," the Wizard said.

The Sharkwoman growled at him. “I can do better.” She grunted and groaned and gritted her teeth, then slowly but surely her tail began to change. The singular tail began to split into two. The bottom of her tail began to flatten and the tip started to separate into toes. Suddenly, she fell from the air, collapsing on the ground. Her tail was now gone, replaced by legs, by feet, by toes. She was breathing hard and covered in sweat.

"Are you all right?" I asked her.

She started to glare at me, but she didn’t have the energy. “I’m fine,” she said, as she struggled to her feet.

"I see I cannot persuade you to stay," the Wizard said.

"No. You cannot. I’m going."

"Fine." The Wizard pulled an outfit from nowhere. "Then you should take this. It will give you some protection. You will need it. I wish I could give you more," the Wizard continued, as the Sharkwoman got dressed. "But I have little power over the happenings of your world."

"That’s fine," I told him, "but we need to get over there now. Who knows what havoc Maqesh is up to. If you can get us there…"

"I can do that. If you’re ready."

"Ready," the Sharkwoman said.

"Good luck. " The Wizard clapped his tentacles and then we were gone.

to be continued next week

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The Rise of Maqesh 28 Jul-3 Aug

And then the Chamber blew up.

The entire side of the castle was gone and everything in it. Even Maqesh and the Wizard had been knocked to the ground. I survived only by one of Lu’s enchantments and the very effort made him pass out again.

It looked like the Chamber’s enchantment had also been broken. Lu’s sorcerer’s visage was gone and I had returned to being a woman. Maqesh, too, had changed. His mouth had shrunk and hit teeth were much less prominent. He had no horns on his head or thorns on his tail. He was no more a twisted, cartoonish demon. Now, he was just a 4-armed, hairless beast of a man. The Wizard looked the same. Maybe a little smaller.

"Getting better," the Wizard said with a hint of admiration as he looked at the rubble that had once been his chamber.

Maqesh had no patience for a witty retort. Instead, he began firing off enchantments left and right, but the Wizard batted each one away. All I could do was to try to carry the once again unconscious Lu to safety.

And then the Wizard began to fire back. Maqesh was able to deflect his attacks, but it was clear it was much harder for him than it had been for the Wizard. Maqesh was on the ropes, but he hadn’t given up. “You won’t defeat me so easily, Dakkoe!” He held his glowing fist high in the air. Then a giant mouth clamped down hard on his arm.

The Sharkwoman had returned! She bit down hard and Maqesh screamed in pain. She thrashed about, tearing at his skin. I thought she was going to tear his arm right off, but instead Maqesh grabbed her with two of his remaining free hands and held her tight. With his last hand, he grabbed her necklace and pulled it free. He tossed her away as if she were nothing and he began to laugh.

"No!" the Wizard screamed, firing a massive enchantment at the villain. "You will not…!"

Maqesh caught it in his hand. “Oh, yes, I will.” He fired it back, catching the Wizard in a crystalline explosion.

And then Maqesh was suddenly standing over Lu Wu. I tried to fight him, but Maqesh let out a breath and I was blown a dozen feet away. Maqesh bent down and picked up Lu. “It is time to open that gate.”

"You will do no such thing!" the Wizard yelled trying to pick himself off the ground.

"Just try to stop me, Dakkoe." Maqesh made a motion as if he were opening a door, using Lu’s body as a key. "Goodbye forever, Wizard. Today I make myself a god!"

And then with a poof, Maqesh and Lu Wu were gone.

to be continued next week

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Maqesh the Unsouled 21-27 Jul

"Maqesh. the Unsouled," the Wizard said.

The creature formerly known as Tug smiled. “You’ve heard of me? I feel so honored.”

"We have all heard of you, Maqesh," Lu said. "We know of your great evil. It will go on no longer. This I promise you."

"Big promises, little sorcerer." He picked up the Horn of Tarrgair that lay by the fallen Werz. "Let’s see who exactly will go on no longer.

"That belongs to me," the Wizard said, reaching for the horn.

"No," Maqesh replied and let loose a great wind.

I was thrown off my feet, as was Lu a second later, but the Wizard remained unmoved. “You’re going to have to do better than that, Maqesh.”

"All right," Maqesh replied and the wind collapsed around the Wizard, freezing him solid. "How was that?" he laughed. He walked toward the frozen Wizard and raised his fist…

…when he was hit by a table across his back. The villain fell to the ground and Werz stood over him with the remains of the table in his hand. “Still not good enough.”

Maqesh laughed. “Nice try, Shadoweater, but perhaps it’s time the shadows found out what it was like to eat you?” The pool of shadows suddenly came alive! It attacked Werz, grabbing him, tugging at him, covering him! It wasn’t just the shadows that had been expelled from him, but all the shadows in the room! They all attacked him, every single one!His body was covered in shadow. It enveloped him. Not even his screams could escape.

"You will suffer for what you have done here," Lu Wu said, rising to his feet.

Maqesh was suddenly standing over him, holding Lu by his neck “I think not, sorcerer. I think instead I will use you as a key to rip open the gate between worlds and remake your world in my own image.”

"Never!" Lu Wu raised his hands in the air and they began to glow. Maquesh dropped him. "I will never let you step a foot onto my world!" Maqesh laughed and flicked his hand toward Lu. The sorcerer went flying into the wall and collapsed to the ground.

And then it was just me, standing in the way of this monster. I had no idea what I could do to stop him. But suddenly we were both hit with a warm burst of wind. I turned to see what had caused it and saw that the Wizard had freed himself. “Would you like to give that another try, Maquesh?”

"I will kill you, Dakkoe," the villain replied.

They both began to glow as I rushed to Lu Wu to try to help him. His eyes opened, slowly at first, then they sprung wide with fear. “Look out!” he groaned as the energies of the two enchanters crashed toward each.

Then all there was was a all-encompassing brightness.

to be continued next week

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