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The Chamber of the Secret Soul 14-20 Apr

Across the chasm was a rickety looking rope bridge. “Come on,” Tug said as he hopped across.

Werz walked up to the bridge and looked at it. “I don’t know if this can hold me,” he said. “Especially not with her on my back.”

"It’ll hold," Tug said.

"Are you sure?"

"It’s the Wizard’s castle. Everything does what it’s supposed to."

"And what if this bridge is supposed to keep people out?"

"Good point."

"Then again, it didn’t keep me out. Why would it keep you out when it didn’t keep me out?"

"Because I’m heavier."

"Like the bridge cares?"

"What other choice do we have?" I asked Werz. "She needs medical attention."

"I’m fine," the sharkwoman grumbled. "I can do it myself."

"Fine. To the wizard, he needs to heal us both." And the large shadoweater walked across the bridge with the sharkwoman on his shoulders. The bridge creaked and it groaned, but we all managed to get across.

We continued into the castle. Inside, it looked much more like a cave than a castle. The walls were poorly dug stone and the hall was completely unlit. As we got further into the cave, I began to feel dizzy when I noticed that the Sharkwoman had transformed completely into her massive shark form. “What are you doing?” I demanded from her.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"You changed!"

"So have you."

I looked down at my hands. They were larger than before. There was hair on my legs. And my chest! It was not the chest of a woman. I had been changed back into a man. How could that happen? I wasn’t anywhere near a quantum stability chamber.

"You are in the Chamber of the Secret Soul," came a strange voice. I looked around, but I couldn’t find its source.

"Secret Soul?" I asked.

"In this chamber, your true self is laid bare. None can walk in here with darkness in their soul."

I looked at Werz and I was surprised to see the shadoweater was completely without shadow. His fur had been transformed into a gleaming white. He had looked like a monster to me, but now he seemed more like some kind of noble hero. Was this was his true self?

I turned then to Tug and was surprised to see that he looked exactly the same.

What then did I look like? Was this the true me? Were these my real hands? I hadn’t seen them in so long. It had been so long since I’d seen my true face. I wish there was a mirror. To see myself again, the real me, that would be a miracle. But we had other problems. “Who are you?” I asked. “Are you the Wizard?”

"And if I were?" the voice replied. "What would you say to me?"

to be continued next week

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The Sharkwoman Wakes Up 7-13 Apr

I tried to fight them off but there were just too many. All I could focus on was dodging their attacks. Tug jumped into the fight, but the little guy could only do so much. The shadoweater had no choice, he had to put the Sharkwoman down. She was too heavy. She was really slowing him down. With his hands free, he went after the skeletons and it was… terrifying. The shadoweater smashed the skeletons into pieces. He tore them apart. They never stood a chance.

"The Gruesser!" Tug yelled and ran toward her. "Is she ok?"

"She’s fine," the shadoweater said, finishing off the last skeleton.

"You just left her! I need to make sure she’s ok." But as Tug came up to her and placed a hand on her side, she snapped at him!

"Get…your…hands…off…of me!" the sharkwoman snarled.

I ran toward her, amazed to see her moving on her own, to see her alive. As I came near, her head turned to me and she growled. I stopped and raised my hands. “It’s me! Wu’s friend!”

"Wu? Is he…?" She suddenly began to change. It was slow and she grunted in pain. Then she was back to "normal". "Where am I?" she asked.

"We got out of the Wall," I told her. "You got hurt, so now we’re on the way to the wizard to get you better."

"The wizard?"The sharkwoman looked around. She tried to get up, but all she could do was move her head. "This isn’t the way to the wizard."

"This is on the way," Tug said, defending himself.

"This is not the way," the Sharkwoman replied.

"This is the best that I could do. This is where we could get to from the Wall."

"Where you brought us," the sharkwoman said.

"This is along the path. We’re getting there."

"This is not the way."

Tug glared at her. “You want to get to the wizard? Fine! Let’s  go to the wizard!” Tug threw an acorn on the ground. From the acorn grew a portal. Tug hopped right through it.

The Sharkwoman tried to get up, but she was much too weak.The shadoweater walked over to her and the sharkwoman flinched away, baring her teeth. “What are you?”

"I’m Werz."

"You attacked me!"

"I saved you. You were infected with shadow."

"He carried you out of the Wall," I told her. "You can trust him."

"What makes you think I trust you?" she asked.

"You can’t walk," I told her. "If you want to get better, he’s going to have to carry you."

The Sharkwoman glared at me, but she didn’t attack Werz the shadoweater as he bent down to pick her up. Werz carried her through the portal. I followed them through the portal and on the other side, across a deep chasm was a ominouslooking castle built into the side of a mountain. “The wizard lives in there?” I asked, not liking the looks of it.

"Yes," Tug said. "We’re here. Why don’t we go on inside, hmmm?"

to be continued next week

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Gone from the Wall 31 Mar-6 Apr

The shadoweater looked to me. “Are we really going through that?”

"What choice do we have?" I replied."It’s only a matter of time before the gorillapedes find us."


"Whatever those things are called. If we keep going through the Wall, it’s only a matter of time until we find something worse. Through that?" I pointed at the hole. "I’ve been through this sort of thing before. It’s better to not think about it and just go through. Why prolong what you don’t have to?"

With the Sharkwoman on his shoulder, the shadoweater jumped through the portal and I followed close behind. We were outside…I think. There was no sun in the yellow sky, but I saw no walls either. “Where are we?”

"Look out!" Tug yelled as he began to run. I glanced back and saw a pack of creatures coming right for us! They looked like a cross between an iguana and an ostrich. Their two large legs could really get them moving fast.I went running after Tug, but those creatures were too fast for us. In seconds, they were on us, the pack engulfing us. They jostled me. They bumped me. They slammed right into me. I was nearly trampled to death. I fell to my knees, but the shadoweater came for me, still standing strong, knocking the creatures down as he went. And soon they were gone and we were still alive. It was a miracle!

"Don’t just sit there," Tug called. "We gave to keep moving!" Tug went running until he reached a cliff. By the time we caught up to him, he had already produced a rope and swung down. "Tie the Gruesser to the rope and slowly lower her down when I’ve untied her you can climb down," he yelled up.

"Why would we do all of that?" The shadoweater asked before leaping down to where Tug waited with the Sharkwoman still on his back.

"What are you doing?" Tug growled. "She’s in no condition to be jostled around like that!"

"She’s fine," the shadoweater replied.

"She better be!" Tug yelled and I wondered when he started caring so much about her well being. "Hand her over! Let me look at her!"

"We don’t have time for that," I said having almost climbed all the way down the rope. "We need to get her to the wizard. He can save her."

Tug looked upset for some reason. “Fine. Let’s move.” He rushed off down the hill. The shadoweater, however, waited for me to reach the bottom.

When I had we went after Tug, he had turned the corner around the mountain. He was waiting for us around the corner. He waved us on. “Hurry!” But as he started to move, suddenly a pack of poorly put together and mismatched skeletons burst from the ground and started to attack us.

to be continued next week

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The Return of Tug 24-30 Mar

"Now where is the Gruesser?" Tug asked.

"She’s with the yeti thing," I said, not knowing what to call him.

Tug looked at me dubiously. “Yeti…thing?”

"Big hairy guy. He freed me. I couldn’t carry the Sharkwoman in the state she was in. He had to."

"You trusted this thing with her?"

"He DID free me. He didn’t have to."

Tug shook his head. “You can’t trust anything down here. We must find her and save her from this monster! Before it eats her!” Tug ran off and I did my best to keep up. I wasn’t sure which way the yeti creature had gone, but Tug sure seemed to know just fine.It didn’t take long to spot it. With the Sharkwoman on his shoulders, he clearly hadn’t been able to go very fast. “Stop right there!” Tug yelled and the creature turned around. “A shadoweater!” he gasped. “Her soul is not for you!”

"Her soul?" the shadoweater replied indignantly before looking at me. "What is that thing?"

"This is Tug," I said. "a friend…I guess."

"Well, little Tug," the shadoweater said, "Who do you expect to carry her? You?"

"And I’m supposed to trust her in your hands?"

"I’ve saved her twice already and if we don’t move quickly I’ll have to save her again."

"Do you know how to get out of here?" I asked the shadoweater.

"We don’t need that thing to get us out of here," Tug said, "I know how to get us out of here."

"You know how to get us out of here?" I asked him.


"You can get us out if here and to the Wizard?"

"Wizard?" the shadoweater echoed. "You’re going to the wizard?"

Tug glared at me. “What? Was it a secret?” I asked.

"Take me with you," the shadoweater said.

"You want to come with us?"

"Look at me," he said. "The wizard can take away my darkness. I’ve been forced to eat more shadow then I can stand! I’m changing! I’ve already gone too far! My only hope is the Wizard! Or I’ll become another shadow! Help me!"

"There’s no reason to debate," I said before Tug could. "We need to get out of here before those things come back for us and we need someone to carry her."

"You don’t know what this thing is," Tug said.

"I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what she is. But we need to leave now."

Tug rolled his eyes. “Fine. The shadoweater can come with us as long it carries the Gruesser. Let’s just get out of here already.”

"Follow me," the shadoweater said, starting to walk off.

"Follow you?" Tug laughed. "Where do you think you’re going?"

"This is the way out."

Tug shook his head. “No, this is how we get out.” He held out an acorn, then in one quick motion he slammed it on the ground. Tug stepped back as the ground began to fall away forming a hole of light. “That’s how we get out,” he said before jumping through it.

to be continued next week

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Escape from Gorillapede Village 17-23 Mar

"We have to do something!" I said.

"I will attack them and that will allow you a chance to grab your friend," the shadoweater replied.

"When she’s like that?" I pointed at the Sharkwoman, nearly in her full massive shark form. "There’s no way I could pick her up. You’re going to have to grab her."

"And what will you do?"

"Distract them."

"Distract them?" he asked. "And then how will you get away?"

"I don’t know. You just focus on getting her out of here."

Seeing little time for thought, I ran out to the gorillapede gathering and threw my body into the closest gorillapede. Then I ran past it, leapt over the Sharkwoman’s body and screamed while I slammed into another gorillapede. It didn’t seemed to be very ineffective. However, I did seem to have angered them because when I ran on they started chasing after me. Now I just had to figure out how to get away.

I ran as fast I could. My time in the cage had allowed me a chance to rest, but I was still no match for the gorillapedes. In less than a minute, they had caught up to me. A few gorillapedes had rushed past and curled around back at me. They were in front of me. They were behind me. They were all around me. They had me surrounded!

The gorillapedes began to circle around me. Every now and then one would lean in and growl. They were playing with their food now. I had no way out. There was nothing I could do. At least, that yeti thing had gotten away with the Sharkwoman, I thought.

The gorillapedes moved in for the kill when suddenly a shadow fell upon us. The gorillapedes pulled back with fright. The shadow seemed to come alive. Was it one of those shadowmonsters from the upper floors? How had it gotten down here? Had it come for me?

The shadow swiped at the gorillapedes and they moved back. It swiped again and once again they moved back. Then the shadow pounced and the gorillapedes ran away. For a second, I breathed a sigh of relief but then the shadow turned on me.I remembered what those things had done to the Sharkwoman. I remembered how hard they had been to get away from. I remembered that falling down that hole onto a shrinking island surrounded by a lake of acid with that cabbage looking monster trying to eat me had been a lucky break. And now I was all alone against one of those things with nowhere to go and nothing to protect myself, but then it began to start…shrinking?

Suddenly, a creature fell from the sky and landed on the shadowmonster! No…wait…the shadowmonster was just…this creature’s shadow? And even stranger, the creature looked like Tug dressed in chainmail and a shiny helmet that covered his ears. He smiled at me, triumphantly. “How was my Guardian impression?” he asked. “Scared them off, huh? Worked like magic.”

to be continued next week

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The Shadoweater 10-16 Mar

She shook as the spectral essence rose from into her the creature’s mouth and when it was done the Sharkwoman collapsed as if lifeless. The yetispecter roared grimly. When it glared at me, its face was even more hidden in darkness and shadow. It was now more ghost than form. But there was something else in its eyes, as the gorillapedes pulled it away. Was it possible? Could it really have been… sadness?

I knelt to look at the Sharkwoman. I couldn’t tell if she were alive or dead, but she wasn’t moving. I tried to rouse her, but it was no use. I was surprised however to see her wounds were no longer black, nor was her blood. What had that creature done to her really?

But before I could examine her further, the gorillapedes came to take her away. “Get off of her!” I yelled. One of them roared at me and hit the cage with its hand, but there was nothing I could do to stop them. I was trapped.

Time passed, the light faded, and I thought maybe the gorillapedes had forgotten about me. I HOPED they had, but I heard a noise coming close. I squinted into the darkness, but it wasn’t until the creature got up against the cage that I saw that it was the yetispecter coming for me! The monster grabbed the cage and began to shake it. I backed away as it bared its teeth at me.The bars bent, then snapped as the monster tore them apart. I wanted to scream, but for who? For what? The Gorillapedes?

The creature came closer, but I couldn’t run, my back was already up against the cage. It leaned in toward me and opened its mouth. “Quickly,” he whispered.

"What?" I replied, shocked to hear the thing speak.

"Hurry! We have to move before they see us."

"Move?" I asked, wondering if I had heard him correctly.

"They’re going to eat your friend," he told me.

"Eat her?"

"They’re already finished eating the munsorv. She’s going to be next. They had me suck the shadows out of her. It’s poison to them, to most creatures. Now that it’s gone they can eat her."

"Why are you helping us?" I asked.

"Because I cannot stand by. I have tried before but the captors are never strong enough to help me. I think maybe you can be."

"I’ll try," I told him.

"Hurry! We must save her!" The shadoweater turned and rushed out through the hole in the cage. I followed behind him but kept my distance just in case. Was it a trap? I wondered. Even if it was, it was better than being stuck in that cage.

The shadoweater led me through the village where we saw dozens of gorillapedes. I could see the body of the acid monster cracked open like an egg, hollowed out inside. And in the middle of the gathering lay the unconscious Sharkwoman. One of the larger gorillapedes moved toward her and began chanting. The Sharkwoman began to revert to her less human form. “Why are they doing that?” I asked.

The shadoweater whispered back, “So there will be more of her to eat.”

to be continued next week

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So Come the Gorillapedes 3-9 Mar

As they came out of the shadows, they looked like gorillas with dark red hair. I tried to get to my feet in a hurry, but fell once or twice. And as the red gorillas approached, they rose up. Not just inches, but feet. Dozens of feet, nearly hitting their heads on the ceiling. That was when I realized that their bottom half was like that of a centipede.

The gorillapede dove at me and I tried to dodge, but wound up on the ground. It circled around me. Its legs forming a perimeter around me. The gorillapede continued to spin around me and the legs got closer and tighter around me until it wrapped around me. I tried to struggle, but it just tightened its grip, squeezing away my breath. The creature turned its body to growl in my face.

One of the other gorillapedes moved toward the Sharkwoman. I tried to scream at it to stop, but I had no breath left. The gorillapede curled around the Sharkwoman cautiously, but when she remained unmoving the creature grabbed her. But they didn’t kill us there. Instead they carried us away, me, the Sharkwoman, and even the dead cabbage monster.

They carried us to their village where there were many more gorillapedes watching us being carried in. I was thrown into a cage, but the Sharkwoman was dropped onto the ground and the acid monster was carried away. What were they going to do to the acid monster and worse what were they going to do to us? I worried for the Sharkwoman, but I worried more for myself. I was trapped in this cage. I tried to shake the bars but the cage held.

Then I saw two Gorillapedes coming our way. I was scared of what they might do to us until I noticed the chains they were pulling. Then I noticed the monster behind them, the one they felt the need to chain, and I was scared of it. The creature was tall, perhaps seven feet tall, and surprisingly slim. It was covered in white fur and had enormous hands and feet. It had fangs and claws, but what scared me the most was the blackness that clung to it making it look like it was part specter. It made me feel like it was some kind of half-yeti, half-ghost abomination that was caught between this world and the next.

The gorillapedes led the ghostyeti to where the Sharkwoman lay unconscious on the ground. I yelled at them to stay away from her! I banged the bars of my cage and tugged at them to try to rip them out, but they wouldn’t budge and no one seemed to care. The yetispecter bent over her. It opened its mouth and ghostly substance began to rise from the Sharkwoman, as if it were eating her soul!

to be continued next week

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Monster Head Rowboat 24 Feb - 2 Mar

But what choice did I have? We were on a lake if acid, there was nowhere else to go. It’s not like I had options. The island was dissolving. The roots were dissolving. Everything was dissolving! …Except the monster. The monster wasn’t dissolving…

I stepped toward the monster and nudged it with a root, then when it didn’t move I whacked it. I poked it in it’s mouth. I poked it in the eye. It wasn’t moving. It really was dead. That meant we really could ride it to shore.

Usiing a few bits of my dress that were still left, I tied some of the roots together and threw it on the monster like a saddle. With quite a bit of effort, I hefted the Sharkwoman up onto the saddle. The island was shrinking fast, she wouldn’t have fit much longer. I tied the last few remaining roots together to create a paddle and then carefully climbed up on the monster and began rowing to shore.

The last few dozen yards to the shore we made without a paddle. Fortunately, we had enough momentum to get us the rest of the way. Almost too much momentum, since when we hit the shore we were almost knocked off the saddle. I was able to stabilize myself quickly enough. It was harder to keep the Sharkwoman from sliding off and even harder to lift her up and get her to shore. I may have had to toss her there. She groaned when she hit the ground, but she didn’t wake up so I figured everything was ok.

Or at least as ok as they could be. She still had some horrible looking cuts, still hadn’t woken up, and we were still trapped inside the Wall of No Return. Tug was nowhere to be found and he probably had no idea where we were and neither did I. The only choice I had was to keep going forward.

I pulled the saddle off the monster and put the Sharkwoman on it, hoping that it would make it easier to transport her. Unfortunately, the acid had weakened it to the point where I only managed a few steps before the saddle broke into tiny pieces. It looked like I had no choice. I was going to have to carry her.

I tried to pick her up, but I couldn’t get far. My muscles were hurting from rowing, from running, from fighting. I was so tired. I decided to take a seat and try to take a breath. That’s when I realized how hungry I was, how thirsty. I didn’t know if I’d have the strength to go on. And that was when I heard the sound of something coming near.

to be continued next week

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Book Two Character List

The Updated Character List

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Attack of the Cabbage Monster! 17-23 Fed

I kept rowing, as fast as I dared. We were moving, but not fast enough. The giant cabbage monster kept moving toward us, slowly getting closer. There was nothing I could do. It was going to catch up to us. There wasn’t much I could do and the Sharkwoman was still unconscious. My paddle was all but dissolved. I threw what remained of it at the monster. It didn’t even flinch as the root bounced off its head. I went in search of more roots, better ones, stronger ones. I threw the lesser ones at the approaching monster, but it kept coming closer.

Then it was up at the shore and the island wobbled as it climbed up. The island tipped as the creature was so large. I slid toward its mouth. I tried to grab for something to stop me, but all there was to grab were the broken roots. So, I held onto one and went leaping at the monster. I stabbed it in the eye and it began to shake violently. I was tossed back onto the island, but the island was shaking beneath me.

The monster submerged back into the acid and when it emerged the root was gone, eaten away. Now, the monster was looking for revenge! I didn’t wait for it to attack. With roots in hand, I struck first! Thrusting, stabbing, thwacking, it barely seemed to have an effect. It bared its teeth and came after me, rocking the island, knocking me off balance. I also had to watch for the acid dripping off its body.

I couldn’t retreat. There was nowhere to go. The Sharkwoman was counting on me! She had saved me so many times. It was my turn to save her.

The monster opened it’s mouth wide and I stabbed it up in it’s palate. It screamed horribly and I backed away. Done screaming, out if breath, it closed it’s mouth. I could see the creature’s eyes go large with surprise. It opened its mouth to scream.

When it opened its mouth, I could see the root had been lodged up higher in it’s skull. The monster began to thrash about wildly. The island began to shake about. The Sharkwoman was rolling around. I grabbed her to keep her from rolling into the acid or being splashed. I sat huddled against her, away from the monster, away from the acid, until the creature stopped thrashing about. It lay completely still. Was it dead? I wondered.

I slowly got up with a large root in my hand and cautiously walked toward it. Careful step by careful step, I slowly got closer, expecting that monster to jump at me at any second. I reached out with my root and poked it, then poked it again. It didn’t move. Maybe it really was dead.

I looked at the island. It had shrunk to half the size it had been. I was beginning to doubt it’d last the whole way to shore.

to be continued next week

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